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1. Mitchell, James (1758-1835)
Student United College 1772-1774, 1775-1776 b, b, t. (Ternar). 1772-1773 possibly a mistake for [Mitchell, John, United College 1772-1775]
2. Hare, Lancelot (1758-1838)
M.D. 19.7.1806 on testimonials signed by James Sims and William Babington.
3. Badenach, James (1756-1802)
Student United College 1768-1772. M.A. 7.1.1773.
4. Bell, Andrew (1755-1819)
Student United College 1770-1774 M.A. 1774(called M.A. when listed for bursary)
5. Parkhill, David (b. 1737)
Student United College 1755-1756 b. (Secondar).
6. Walker, James (1751-1813)
Student United College 1760-1763 b, s, t. (Ternar). Luminator, Mathematics class. Cupar bursar, 1761. M.A. 17.5.1763.
7. Hunter, Robert (b. 1750)
Student United College 1773-1778 Gk., s, s, t, m. (Secondar). Yeaman bursar, 1773.
8. Borlase, John Bingham (1753-1813)
M.A. and M.D. 7.4.1804 on testimonials signed by Edward Jenner M.D.(St A.)., LL.D. (Camb.). Mass.) F.R.S., Henry Luxmore M.D. L.R.C.P.L., Physician to the Forces, Plymouth Dock and Thomas Hall M.D.(K.C. Aber.), Bodmin, Cornwall.
9. Wilson, Isaac (1757-1844)
A.M. [M.A.] and M.D. 23.12.1796 on testimonials signed by Archibald Thompson M.D., Physician to the Royal hospital, Haslar and William Pattison M.D.
10. Arden, James (1755-1842)
M.A. and M.D. 24.7.1780 on testimonials signed by Samuel Farr M.D. and Seguin Henry Jackson, M.D.
11. Erskine, Thomas (1750-1823)
Student United College 1761-1763 h,m. (Secondar).
12. Brown, Robert (1759-1784)
Student United College [1772-1776] 1776-1777 matriculates from Logic class. Chancellor’s prize, Public Latin theme, 1773. Chancellor’s prize, Public Greek class, 1775. Chancellor’s prize, 2nd math. class, 1776. Chancellor’s prize, Private Latin theme, 1777.
13. Anstruther, John (b. 1753)
Student United College 1766-1768 . (Secondar).
14. Clayhills, James (1753-1825)
Student United College 1768-1770 class not specified and special class. (Secondar).
15. Wilson, Walter (1757-1841)
Student United College 1769-1772 (Library borrowing register). [Secondar].
16. Williams, John (1751-1807)
M.D. 29.4.1791 on testimonials signed by James Carmichael Smyth M.D., London, James Curry M.D. and William Kerr M.D., Northampton.
17. Mackie, David (1754-1821)
M.A. and M.D. 31.3.1803 on testimonials signed by John Fish Palmer M.D., late of Peterborough and James Higgins M.D., Peterborough.
18. Pringle, Thomas (b. 1752)
Student United College 1750-1753. (Secondar).
19. Bruce, George (b. 1753)
Student United College 1768-1772 s,s,t,m. (Ternar).
20. Collingwood, Thomas (1751-1822)
M.D. 2.8.1788 on testimonials signed by Charles Brown M.D. and Henry Richardson M.D.

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