de Schack, Edward Baron


M.D. 7.12.1822 gratis on testimonials signed by Richard Lordet M.D., A. S. de Bayaux M.D., G. L. O’Connor M.D., Elias Tardy M.D., M.R.C.S.L. and P. Megnival M.D.(Montpellier), Trnidad.


Born Vienna [Austria].


Studied at Prague 1800-1802 and Vienna 1802-1804.

Appointed botanist to ship ‘Vienna’ 1804.

Settled in West Indies 1804 apart from expeditions to North and South America. Established a botanic garden in Martinique and did much other botanical work. Settled a good many years in Trinidad. Collected natural history specimens for Austrian government.


Died at La Guayra [La Guaira, Venezuela]1.9.1824.


  • Gentleman's Magazine 1824 ii 647