Sue, Jean Joseph)(John Joseph


M.D. 26.11.1783 on testimonials signed by Andrew Duncan and Charles Webster M.D., Edinburgh. Degree given gratis in testimony of the University’s respect for his father’s and his own merit.


Born 13.1.1760 son of Joseph Sue, physician, Paris. [Doctor]


From the testimonial which describes him as A.M. [M.A.], Member of the Academy of Surgery, Professor of Anatomy at the hospital of the Charity, Professor at the Museum at the Royal Academy of Painting and Sculpture in Paris, this would suggest Jean Joseph Sue, the father, but from the Senate Minutes and biographical sources it is almost certainly the son, who qualified in Paris in 1781 and subsequently studied in Edinburgh.

L.R.C.P.E. 1.9.1781. F.R.C.P.E. 4.11.1783.

Surgeon Major, National Guard 1792 then of the 103rd Line Regiment. Then attached to Military Hospital, Courbevole. Chief Medical Officer, Imperial Guard and was with 1812 Russian campaign. Chief Medical Officer Royal Military Hospital. Professor of anatomy, School of Fine Arts, 1819. [Doctor, university professor]

Member of the Academy of Medicine 1821. Officer of the Legion of Honour 1821. Medical consultant to the King, 1824.

Publications including translation of Alexander Monro’s Osteology.


Died Paris [France] 21.4.1830.


  • Biographie universelle. 83v. (Paris, 1811-55)