Stewart/[Stuart], Joseph Gordon


Student United College 1866-1867 Log.; Gk. 2; Lat. 2; Math. 2 1867-1868 M. Phil.; Eng. Lit.; Gk. 3; Lat. 3; Math. 3 1868-1869 N. Phil.; Chem.; Gk. 3. Guthrie scholar. M.A. 23.4.1869.

LL.D. 1.4.1902.


Born 31.12.1849 son of Joseph Gordon Stuart, flax spinner, Balgonie, Markinch and Catharine Booth.

Privately tutored.


Also at Cambridge University and in Germany. Also at Edinburgh University - law student 1878.

Writer to the Signet 1875.

Practised in Edinburgh. Legal adviser to St Andrews School for Girls Company. [Lawyer]


Died 14.12.1925.


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