Smith, John Campbell


Student United College 1891-1892 Gk. 1; Lat. 1; Math. 1 1892-1893 Gk.; Lat.; Math. 1893-1894 N. Phil.; Log. 1894-1895 M. Phil.; Hon. M. Phil.; Hon. Log; Eng. Lit. New Endowment Association bursary, 1891. Tyndall Bruce prize, 1895.

M.A. 1.4.1899 1st cl. hons. Mental Philosophy.


Born 22.10.1874 son of John Campbell Smith, Sheriff Substitute for Forfar and Hannah Spens Thomson.

Attended Madras College, St Andrews.


Also at Edinburgh University - M.B. Ch.B. 1912.

House surgeon and House physician, St George’s hospital.

Served in R.A.M.C. [Royal Army Medical Service] [Doctor, soldier]

Physician Crichton Royal, Dumfries.


Died at Edinburgh 6.4.1947.


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  • Births Reg. Edinburgh, St Andrews 1874/1025
  • Med. Dir.
  • William Carmichael McIntosh, Autobiography in ms37113 p418, 441
  • Deaths Reg. Edinburgh, St Andrews 1947/273