Sime, John


Student United College 1892-1893 Jun. Gk.; Jun. Lat.; Jun. Math. 1893-1894 Gk. ; Lat.; Chem.; Prac. Chem. 1894-1895 Log.; Hon. Gk.; Hon. Lat. 1895-1896 M. Phil.; Hon. Gk. 1896-1897 Hon. M. Phil.; Hon. Log.; Mod. Gk. Servership bursary, 1892. Tyndall Bruce prize, 1895. Miller prize, 1898. Berry scholar. M.A. 25.3.1898 1st cl. hons. Mental Philosophy, 2nd cl. hons. Classics.

Lecturer in philosophy University College, Dundee from 1902. Sacked for drunkenness.


Born 26.6.1874 son of Thomas Sime, jute mill manager, Dundee and Catherine Whitelaw.

Prepared for University by private study.


Lecturer in philosophy University College, Dundee from 1902 [St Andrews University]. Sacked for drunkenness. "Went to London and became a University beggar - took to drugs. Injured in a bombing raid in First World War" (W. L. Lorimer). [University lecturer]


Alive in 1931 (T.M. Knox).


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  • Information from two individuals cited