Roger, Charles


Student United College 1832-1833 Gk. Prov.; Lat. Prov. Lawson bursar, 1832.


Born 14.4.1819 son of Charles Roger, Dundee, later tobacconist and city librarian, Perth, and Ann Cruickshank.

Attended Dundee Grammar School (4).


Enlisted in Royal Artillery 1835. served in Canada. Discharged 1842. Superintendent Quebec library 1847-1849. Worked on Morning Chronicle 1849-1853 and Quebec Gazette. Ran his own paper 1854-1855 then returned to Gazette. Moved to Port Hope and elsewhere continuing his newspaper ventures. Published on Canadian history. [Soldier, journalist]

Also at Edinburgh University - medical student 1876 aged 57.

Cousin of [Charles Roger, United College 1839-1843].


Probably died 1878.


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