Playfair, Hugh Lyon


Student United College 1800-1801 Lat. Jun. 1801-1802 Lat. Prov.; Log.; Math. Jun. 1802-1803 Physics 1803-1804 Physics; Math. Prov. (Secondar).

LL.D. 12.1.1856 (Proposed by Sir D. Brewster, seconded by Dr. Buist).


Born 17.11.1786 son of James Playfair, Principal of United College, St Andrews and Margaret Lyon. [St Andrews University]


Engineer officer H.E.I.C.S. [Honourable East India Company's Service] 1804-1834 (retired). [Soldier]

Provost of St Andrews 1842-1861.

Knighted 1856.

[Father of Archibald Lewis Playfair, Henry [MacDonald] Playfair, Hugh Arthur Playfair, Robert Edward Playfair and William [Dalgleish] Playfair. Father-in-law of Gregor MacGregor, United College 1828-1832]


Died 21.1.1861.


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