von Petzold, Gertrud


Student United College 1896-1897 Jun. Lat. 1897-1898 Jun. Gk.; Lat.; Bot. Lapsed bursary, 1897.

Student St Mary’s College 1897-1898.


Born c. 1876. From Thorn, Germany.


Also at Edinburgh University - M.A. 1901, Berlin University and Manchester College, Oxford.

Minister Leicester Unitarian free church Sept. 1904-1908. Unitarian Church Streator near Chicago 1908-1910. Waverley Church, Birmingham 1910-1915. Koenigsberg, East Prussia 1918-1923. Lecturer in English, University of Frankfurt am Main. [England's first woman minister] [University lecturer]


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  • St Andrews Citizen 27.2.1904, 18.4.1908, 5.9.1908
  • Agnes Clarke, Life