Methven, Cathcart


Student United College 1800-1801 Gk. Jun.; Lat. Jun. 1801-1802 Gk. Prov.; Lat. Prov.; Math. Jun. 1802-1803 Gk. Prov.; Lat. Prov.; Math. Prov.; Log. 1803-1804 Physics. (Ternar).


Born 26.11.1787 youngest son of Robert Methven, writer, St Andrews and Eupham Meldrum.


Cadet Bengal Establishment 1804. Arrived in India 1805. Ensign 1805. Lieutenant 1805. Captain 1819. Aide de camp to Sir Thomas Stanford Raffles. Presented first Orang Utang [orangutan] to come alive to Britain to Clarke Abel M.D. 1819.


Died at Calcutta [now Kolkata, India] 26.11.1832 from effects of a fall from a horse.


  • St AUL ms 1739
  • Monumental inscription St Andrews Cathedral burial ground
  • Hodson iii 285
  • Jnl. of the Malaysian branch of the Royal Asiatic Society lxv 1992 p8-10