MacKenzie, Archibald John


Student United College 1895-1896 Jun. Gk.; Jun. Lat.; Jun. Math. 1896-1897 Gk.; Lat.; Math. 1897-1898 N. Phil.; Prac. N. Phil.; Inter. Hon. Math. 1898-1899 Adv. N. Phil.; Adv. Hon. Math.; Chem.; Prac. Chem. 1899-1900 Log.; Prac. Hon. N. Phil.; Hon. & Prac. Chem. Dundee Educational Trust bursar, 1895. Bursar, 1897. Carstairs prize, 1896. M.A. 2.4.1901 2nd cl. hons. Mathematics and Natural Philosophy. B.Sc. 1.4.1902.


Born 16.4.1876. From Tealing. Attended Morgan Academy and Dundee High School.


Also at another University where he gained a Ph.D.

Science master Alloa Academy. Science master, Spier’s School, Beith. High School, Arbroath to at least 1941. [Teacher]

Still in General Council Register to 1968 with a Dundee address.