MacIsaac, Patrick)(Peter


Student United College 1787-1788 Gk. Jun.; Lat. Jun. 1788-1789 Gk. Prov.; Lat. Prov.; Log. 1789-1790 Gk. Prov.; Lat. Prov.; Ethics; Math. Jun. 1790-1791 Gk. Prov.; Lat. Prov.; N. Phil.; Math. Prov. (Ternar). Foundation bursar, 1787.


Perhaps baptised 23.4.1772 son of John McKissaig, Moulin and Janet Scot.


Although said to have been educated Edinburgh he does not appear in Edinburgh arts lists.

Licensed by Edinburgh presbytery 1796. Ordained Missionary Rannoch 1798. Gask 1798-1802. Minister Comrie 1802-25.1.1829 (died aged 56).

A great great grandson, Peter Foley, was Professor of City Planning at University of California.


[Died 25.1.1829 aged 56.]