Laing, John George


Student United College 1892-1893 Jun. Gk.; Jun. Lat.; Jun. Math. 1893-1894 Gk.; Lat.; Math. 1894-1895 Hon. Gk.; Hon. Lat.; French 1895-1896 Eng. Lit.; Educ. 1896-1897 Inter. Hon. Math.; Mod. Gk. David Anderson bursar, 1892. Ramsay scholar, 1896. M.A. 27.3.1896 2nd cl. hons. Classics.


Born 15.1.1876 son of John Laing, farmer, Cameron and Agnes Webster.

Attended Kirkcaldy High School.


Also at Paris University - L ès L 1899. Guthrie scholar.

Taught in many schools for short periods, but was an alcoholic. Last known post, Principal Classics master, Kirkwall 1921-1922. [Teacher]


Probably died c. 1937 although in General Council Register for many years as address unknown.


  • UYUC400:18 & 21.10. 1892, 17.11.1892
  • UYUY452/22/336
  • UYUC665
  • Births Reg. Cameron 1876/5