Kentish, Richard


M.D. 13.8.1787 on testimonials signed by J. Sampson M.D.(Oxon.), Beverley, Robert Knox M.D., London, previously in Army, Richard Kentish M.D.(Edin.), London and Andrew Duncan, Edinburgh.


Born c. 1731 son of William Kentish.


Apprenticed 1745 to Lancelot Fairfax, apothecary in Malton for 5 years then with Mr Garencieres, apothecary in York 1½ years. Then in London for 1½ years.

Studied Edinburgh University - medical student 1781-1784.

Came to Bridlington in 1753 and practised there as a surgeon, apothecary and man-midwife. [Doctor]

Publication - paper in Edinburgh Magazine 6, 335 - 337.


Died at Bridlington 5.4.1792 aged 61.


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