Ivory, James


Student United College 1779-1783 b,s,t,m. (Ternar). Guild bursar, 1779. Chancellor’s prize, Public Greek class, 1780; Math. 2, 1782; N. Phil. 1783.

Student St Mary’s College 1783-1785.


Born 1765 son of James Ivory, watchmaker, Dundee and Jane Brown, his first wife.


Also at Edinburgh University.

Taught in Dundee 1786-1789, then partner in a spinning company till about 1804. Professor of Mathematics, Sandhurst 1804-1716 (resigned). F.R.S.E. 1835. [Teacher, university professor]


On the attractions of homogeneous ellipsoids, by James Ivory. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London, Vol. 99, January 1, 1809, pp. 345-372.


Died 21.9.1842. See also: James Ivory (mathematician) in Wikipedia; also Sir James Ivory in the MacTutor archive.


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