Hunter, Frederick Mercer


Student United College 1859-1860 Lat. 1; Math. 1; Chem. 1860-1861 Log. Attended Episcopal Church while a student.


Born 16.4.1844 son of James Hunter, Lt. Colonel [Lieutenant Colonel], Bengal Army and Annie Colville. [Soldier]


Joined Bombay Infantry as ensign 1861. Transferred to 106th Regiment and served a few years with Bombay Staff Corps serving on military duty until 1871. Then assistant political resident Aden. Consul Somali Coast. Political agent there and at Aden, Kolap and Cutch. Retired May, 1896. [Soldier]

C.B. [Companion of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath] 1886. C.S.I. [Companion of the Most Exalted Star of India] 1885.


Died 30.7.1898 aged 54.


  • St Andrews Citizen 13.8.1898 and 10.9.1898
  • Deaths Reg. St Andrews
  • Monumental inscription St Andrews Cathedral burial ground