Hill, Thomas Adamson


Student United College 1852-1853 Jun. Lat.; Jun. Gk.; Math. 1 1853-1854 Gk. 2; Lat. 2; Math. 2; Log. 1854-1855 Exp. Phys.; M. Phil.; Comp. Anat. & Physiol. Madras bursar. Attended Established Church while a student.

M.D. 10.5.1862 by examination.


Baptised 3.11.1836 son of Alexander Hill, farmer, Randerston and Eliza Catherine Adamson.


Also at Edinburgh University - medical student 1855-1859.

Practised Monmouthshire for a few years, but took a lease of Boarhills farm about 1869about 1915. [Doctor, farmer]


Died at Crail 14.5.1921 aged 84.


  • St Andrews Citizen 21.5.1921
  • Monumental inscription St Andrews Cathedral burial ground
  • Deaths Reg. Crail 1921/10