Hill, John


M.A. and M.D. 5.6.1750 on testimonials signed by George Pile, London and Dr Cox, M.R.C.S.Eng., London.


Born c. 1716 2nd son of Rev. Theophilus Hill, Peterborough. [Minister]


Apprenticed to an apothecary and set up on his own account. Unsuccessfully tried the theatre as a career. Applied himself to literature and published much on botany. Gained knighthood of the Swedish Order of Vasa for his ‘Vegetable System’, 1774. Engaged in much controversy. The first Linnean Flora of Britain was due to him. The list of his publications occupies 5½ columns of DNB. [Doctor, botanist]


The vegetable system: or, a series of experiments, and observations tending to explain the internal structure, and the life of plants. Vol. 1. [of 26 vols.] (London: Printed at the expence of the author, and sold by R. Baldwin, 1759)


Died 21.11.1775.