Hill, Janette Theresa


Student United College 1895-1896 Jun. Lat.; Jun. Math.; French 1896-1897 Chem.; Prac. Chem.; N. Hist.; Prac. N. Hist.; Anat.; Prac. Anat. 1897-1898 N. Phil.; Prac. N. Phil.; Chem.; Prac. Chem. 1898-1899 Physiol. & Science Physiol.; Sen. & Prac. Anat. 1899-1900 Physiol.; Prac. Anat. Lapsed bursary, 1895. Taylour Thomson bursar, 1896.

Student U.C.D. [University College Dundee] 1899-1900 Mat. Med.


Born 24.3.1875 in Chicago daughter of James Niven Hill, minister, Prinlaws and Marion Josephine Hatch.


Intended to study medicine, but apparently did not complete studies.