Gordon, James Frederick Skinner


Student United College Lat. Jun.; Gk. Jun. 1839-1840 Lat. Prov.; Gk. Prov.; Log.; Math. 1; Sens. Phil. 1840-1841 Lat. Sen.; Gk. Sen.; Civ. Hist.; Math. 2; Ethics 1841-1842 Lat. 2; Gk. 2; Sens. Phil.; Chem.; N. Phil. Grant bursar, 1838. M.A. 1842 it is said, but record not found.


Baptised 18.11.1821 son of John Murdoch Gordon, general merchant, Keith and Helen Gordon Skinner.


Episcopal clergyman, Pittenweem 1843. St Andrews, Glasgow 1844-1891 (retired). [Minister]

D.D. Hobart Episcopal College, New York 1860.


Scotichronicon: comprising Bishop Keith's Catalogue of Scottish bishops. (Glasgow: John Tweed, 1867)

The history of the province of Moray, by Lachlan Shaw. New ed., enlarged and brought down to the Present Time by J.F.S. Gordon. (Glasgow: Printed at the University Press and published by...Thomas D. Morison, 1882)


Died Beith 26.1.1904 aged 83.


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  • Times 26.1.1904
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  • Deaths Reg. Beith 1904/13