Glennie/[Glenie], James


Student United College 1766-1770 [ ], m. (Ternar). Foundation bursar, 1766. Chancellor’s prize 2nd Maths class 1769, N. Phil. Class 1770. M.A. 7.5.1770.

Student St Mary’s College 1770-1773. Foundation bursar, 1770, 1772. Class prize, 1771.

Class assistant to Professor of Mathematics.


Born 7.10.1750 son of John Glennie, army officer, Leslie and Margaret Smith. [Soldier]


Class assistant to Professor of Mathematics. [St Andrews University]

Army officer and engineer 1776-1787. Emigrated to New Brunswick and became a member of the House of Assembly there, but returned on failure of business ventures. [Soldier]

F.R.S. 1779. F.R.S.E. 1794.

Mathematical and engineering publications.

Propositions selected from a Paper on the Division of Right Lines, Surfaces, and Solids. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, January 1, 1776. 66: 73-91.

The General mathematical laws which regulate and extend proportion universally: or, a method of comparing magnitudes of any kind together, in all the possible degrees of increase and decrease.Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society. January 1, 1777. 67: 450-457.


Died 23.11.1817 in London.


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