Flint, Robert


Professor of Moral Philosophy 16.11.1864-29.7.1876 (resigned).


Born 14.3.1834 son of Robert Flint, shepherd, Greenburn, Sibbaldie later merchant, Glasgow and Grace Paterson.


Educated at Glasgow University 1849-1859, LL.D. 1876, D.D. 1901. Also D.D. of Edinburgh, 1876, Princeton 1896, and Aberdeen 1906; LL.D. of Yale 1901 and Edinburgh 1904.

Minister at Aberdeen East 1859-1862. Kilconquhar 1862-1865 (demitted).

Professor of Moral Philosophy 16.11.1864-29.7.1876 (resigned). [St Andrews University] [University professor]

Professor of Divinity, Edinburgh University 1876-1903 (retired).

Publications. F.B.A. [Fellow of the British Academy].

Anti-theistic theories, being the Baird Lecture for 1877. 4th ed. (Edinburgh: Blackwood, 1879)

Agnosticism. The Croall Lecture for 1887-88. (Edinburgh: Blackwood, 1903)


Died at Edinburgh 25.11.1910.