Fayrer, Joseph


LL.D. 17.4.1890.


Born 6.12.1824 at Plymouth son of Commander Robert John Fayrer, R.N. [Royal Navy] and Agnes Wilkinson. [Naval officer]


Studied Charing Cross hospital and Edinburgh University - medical student 1857-1859, M.D.1859, LL.D 1878.

M.D. Rome 1849. F.R.S. 1877.

In Bengal Medical Service. Retired as Surgeon General in 1895. Baronet 1896. Physician Extraordinary to the King 1901. [Doctor]

On the poison of venomous snakes and the methods of preventing death from their bite. Reprinted papers by Sir Joseph Fayrer, Sir Lauder Brunton and Major Leonard Rogers (London: Macmillan, 1909)

Recollections of my life, by Surgeon-General Sir Joseph Fayrer. (Edinburgh: William Blackwood & Sons, 1900)


Died 21.5.1907 at Falmouth.


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