Craig, Kenneth Mackintosh


Student United College 1880-1881 Eng. Lit.; Gk. 1; Lat. 1 1881-1882 Gk. 2; Lat. 2; Math. 1 1882-1883 N. Phil.; Log.; Math. 1 1883-1884 M. Phil.; Pol. Econ.; Math. 2; Educ.

Student St Mary’s College 1883-1888. Part bursary, 1885, 1887.


Baptised 14.12.1854 son of William Craig, Old Deer and Elizabeth McIntosh.


Apprentice grocer and clerk before coming to University. Licensed by St Andrews presbytery.

Went to America and for many years was minister Crisp Memorial Church, Brooklyn, Baltimore until c. 1924. Took an important part in public affairs and was responsible for a public library and a bridge in the area in which he lived. Published a volume of poems and other matter.

Poems (Emmitsburg, Md., The Chronicle Press, 1907)


Died Baltimore [U.S.A.] 26.10.1926.


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