Chambers, Katherine


Student United College 1892-1893 Jun. Gk.; Jun. Lat.; Jun. Math. 1893-1894 N. Phil.; Gk.; Lat. 1894-1895 Chem.; Prac. Chem.; Educ. 1895-1896 Log.; Eng. Lit.; Educ. Women’s bursary, 1892, 1893. M.A. 27.3.1896.


Born c. 1873 possibly at Londonderry daughter of Robert McCrea Chambers, Rector of Perth Academy. [Teacher]

Attended Perth Academy.


Taught at Edgbaston High School till 1903 when she married Arthur H. Vernede of the Indian Civil Service. She resided 17 years in India. [Teacher]


Died 15.6.1952 at Manor House, Old Marston, Oxford.


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