Carmichael, John


Student United College 1784-1785 Lat. Jun.; Gk. Jun. 1785-1786 Lat. Prov.; Gk. Prov.; Log. 1786-1787 Lat. Prov.; Gk. Prov.; Ethics 1787-1788 Lat. Prov.; Gk. Prov.; N. Phil. (Ternar).

Seat at bursar table, 1787.

Student St Mary’s College 1788-1792. Foundation bursar, 1790.


Possibly baptised 10.12.1769 son of Archibald Carmichael, Dull And Margaret McLaurin.


Licensed Dunkeld presbytery 1794.

Presented to Lundeiff 1805, but had libel against him which was not dismissed until 1807 by which time the parish had disappeared. [Minister]