Canch/[Cansh], Thomas Richard


Student United College 1889-1890 Chem.; N. Hist. 1890-1891 N. Phil.; Chem.; N. Hist.; Physiol. 1891-1892 N. Phil.; Math. 1; N. Hist.; Physiol. 1892-1893 Not in class lists. 1893-1894 Math.; Physiol. 1894-1895 N. Hist. 1895-1896 Physiol. 1896-1897 N. Phil.; Prac. N. Phil.; Adv. & Prac. Bot. 1897-1898 Adv. & Prac. N. Hist. 1898-1899 Adv. Prac. Bot. B.Sc. 1.4.1899.


Born 25.6.1871 son of Thomas Canch, wine merchant and landowner, Glasgow and Jeanie McNeil.

[Brother of Maxwell Robert Canch-Kavanagh, United College 1885-1893]


Fellow Surveyors Institute. Lived in U.S.A. and Canada for some years and had interest in silver mines in Colorado. Finally settled in Balmullo.


Died 15.1.1936 at Edinburgh.


  • Births Reg. Cathcart 1871/161
  • Alumnus Chronicle 19 p20