Armstrong, Henry Edward


LL.D. 6.4.1893 ( in absentia ).


Born 6.5.1848 son of Richard Armstrong, Lewisham and Mary Ann Biddle.


Studied Royal College of Chemistry and Germany.

Professor of Chemistry, Central Institution, City and Guilds, London 1884 -1911 ( retired ). [University professor]


'On the Teaching of Natural Science as a Part of the Ordinary School Course...' Address for the Proceedings of the International Conference on Education, London, 1884. Vol. 2, 69-82.

Introduction to the Study of Organic Chemistry: the Chemistry of Carbon and its Compounds. 2nd ed. (London: Longmans, Green & Co., 1880)

'An explanation of the laws which govern substitution in the case of benzenoid compounds,' Journal of the Chemical Society, 51 (1887), 258-268

The Teaching of Scientific Method and Other Papers on Education (New York: Macmillan, 1903)

'The First Epistle of Henry the Chemist to the Uesanians'. Journal of Chemical Education, 2 (9) (1925), 731. doi:10.1021/ed002p731


Died 13.7.1937.