Archer, James


Student United College 1813-1814 Jun. Lat.; Jun. Gk. 1814-1815 Sen. Lat.; Sen. Gk.; Log.; Jun. Math. 1815-1816 Ethics; Sen. Math.; Sen. Gk.; Sen. Lat. 1816-1817 Physics; Sen. Lat. (Ternar) M.A. -.-.1824.

Half servership, 1814. Half bursary, 1815, 1816.

Student St Mary’s College 1820-1822.


Baptised 17.12.1801 son of Andrew Archer, Tealing and Jean Irons.


Licensed by [ ] presbytery. [Minister]

Action against James Archer, teacher, St Andrews in 1823 in St Andrews burgh court for not paying tailor’s bill.


Died at New Lebanon, Columbia Co. [New Levanon, Columbia County], State of New York [U.S.A.] 18.7.1825.


  • UYUC400:2.11.1814, 25.11.1815, 5.11.1816
  • UYUY452/14/14
  • New College CHA4.41.16
  • Monumental inscription, Tealing
  • St Andrews Burgh Box 41