Anderson, John


Student United College 1812-1813 Jun. Lat.; Jun. Gk. 1813-1814 Sen. Lat.; Sen. Gk.;Log.; Jun. Math. 1814-1815 Sen. Gk.; Sen. Lat.; Ethics; Jun. Math. 1815-1816 Physics; Sen. Math.; Sen. Gk.; Sen. Lat. (Ternar).

Student St Mary’s College 1816-1818, 1818-1819occ.

Foundation bursar.

D.D. 30.11.1837.


Born 2.10.1796 son of John Anderson, merchant and Provost of Newburgh and Margaret Stuart.


Also at Edinburgh University - divinity student 1819-1820.

Licensed Cupar presbytery 1820.

Minister at Dunbarney 1821 - 1833. Newburgh 1833 - 16.3.1864 ( died at Nice ).

Discovered fossil fish at Dura Den.

Publications. The Course of Creation (Cincinnati: Moore & Co., 1850) and Dura Den: A Monograph of the Yellow Sandstone and its Remarkable Fossil Remains (Edinburgh: Thomas Constable, 1859).

Geologist and archaeologist. Candidate for principalship of St Mary’s College.


[Died at Nice [France] 16.3.1864.]


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