Adams, David


Student United College 1794-1795 Jun. Gk.; Jun. Lat. 1796-1797 Sen. Lat .;Sen. Gk.; Log. 1797-1798 Sen. Gk.; Sen. Lat.; Ethics; N. Phil .;Civ. Hist. (Ternar) Half seat, 1794. Vacant seat , 1796, 1797.


(Possibly the David baptised 10.9.1778 son of James Adams, Dundee and Jean Duncan. And possibly the David Adams, teacher, Dundee who was served heir in 1846. )


(Possibly the David Adams, teacher, Dundee, who was served heir in 1846. May also be identical with [David Adams, St Mary's College 1815-1820].)


  • UYUC400:15.11.1794, 2.11.1796, 7.111797