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Upper Library, St Andrews, by James Fairweather, 1898.  Image courtesy of University of St Andrews Library.  StAU-SouS-LibUp-1

Welcome to the Biographical Register of the University of St Andrews, which holds details of St Andrews alumni, officers and graduates from 1747-1897.

Data has been drawn from Robert N. Smart’s Biographical Register of the University of St Andrews published in 2004. The project to convert it to database format has been undertaken between 2013 and 2016 by the University Library’s Digital Humanities and Research Computing teams.

You can search here for information about students’ degree courses and qualifications, their dates of birth or baptism, their parentage, place of schooling and attendance at other institutions of higher learning.  The database also records anything that is known about each student’s subsequent career and date and place of death.  If publications by the student have been traced these are listed too.

Guidance on how to search the database, and information about the source documents used, can be found on the About and Sources pages.


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