Beauly, The Aird and Strathglass Place-Name Survey (North-East Inverness-shire)

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Bibliography and references

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Brown Plans
George Brown was the son-in-law of the greatest of all the early modern land surveyors, Peter May, and one of his most accomplished successors (Adams 1979, xxxiii-xxxiv).
11 photocopied sheets, each the same size, between A4 and A3, in the possession of Mr Hugh Barron, The Granary, Ness-side, Dores Rd., Inverness IV2 6DH.
The nos. have been written in pencil onto the photocopies, and presumably correspond to the numbers of the originals. This implies that there were as many as 60 originals.
1 Easter Clune -part of no. 12.
1 'Plan of Finellan, Lurg, Tyachroichk', including Kiltarlity old kirk - part of no. 17.
1 'Cottertown of Auchnamoin, Saw-Mill and others' - (by Finellan etc.) - part of no. 19.
2 All of no. 21 'Farms of Briach (sic) and Tenacoil, surveyed 1799'.
2 All of no. 25 'Glebe of Kiltarlity with the Farms of Ardrynich, Tomnacroich'.
2 Most of no. 26 - 'Ault Fairn, with the improvements in the Muir of Camault, Lonich-Keim, surveyed 1800'.
1 'The Western Division of Urchany called Gillie Phaeton' - part of no. 60.
1 Coul na Bodach (Urchany) - part of no. 59. Reproduced from a tracing, and dated 1797 by Harrison 1998, 106.
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Lovat/1832 Plan of part of Lovat Estate in the parish of Kiltarlity. (Airdendrean, Convainch, Balantore, Loaning, Dularich, Teavarran, Craggan Veally). Surveyor J. Boultone; 1832. Lovat Estate Office, Beauly.
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E.769/136 'Observations by Peter May, surveyor, upon the part of the estate in the parish of Kirkhill, with measures of the quality of the land of each farm [and with the name of each field] (corresponding to a survey and plan, both of which are wanting).'
Not dated, but c. 1756 x 1758. Jotter.
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NLS Adv. MS.34.2.8 Robert Gordon of Straloch's notes in his own hand taken mainly from notes by Timothy Pont, and contained in Robert Sibbalds 'Topographical Notices of Scotland' Adv. MS.34.2.8.
Added in pencil beside this: 'at present map is in Lovat estate office' + 'No. map of Strathfarrar Beauly 1798'. [Dot after No. does not make sense.
Chris Fleet, hand-out for his paper 'Manie things false? Reassessing the value of Timothy Pont's textual notes'. Project Pont Conference, 1 April 2000, New Lanark. However A. Mitchell states that these notes were made by James Gordon of Rothiemay, Robert Gordon's son (Geog. Coll. ii, xlv). I am very grateful to Chris Fleet for drawing my attention to this ms, which has been scanned, and which I viewed on computer at the NLS Map Library
These were then transcribed for Walter Macfarlane, from which text the Geog. Coll. were published.
NLS Adv. MS.34.4.10 Late 14th-century transumpt of charters relating to the bishopric of Moray made after the burning of Elgin cathedral; one of the sources of the Bannatyne edition ( Moray Reg. ).
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NLS Dep. 327 Papers of the Frasers of Strichen and Lovat, ranging from the 15th century to c. 1800, with the Strichen branch of the Frasers particularly well detailed. The collection was preserved in the basement of Messrs Tods Murray and Jamieson WS, where it was probably lodged in the 19th c. while the Strichen family was establishing its claim to the Fraser of Lovat title. 184 items.
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OS Ordnance Survey
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Parish Reg., Kilmorack The old parish registers of Kilmorack, as transcribed by Susan and John Thomson, Kilmorack Heritage Association (2001).
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PN1970/17 Scottish Place-Name Survey tape of interview of Alex MacRae of Ardochy, by Ian Fraser, 1970. Original held in the School of Scottish Studies, University of Edinburgh.
PN1970/18 Scottish Place-Name Survey tape of interview of William John MacRae of Eskadale, by Ian Fraser, 1970. Original held in the School of Scottish Studies, University of Edinburgh.
PRO SP 46/129 97626 Rental of 1653 of the parish of Kilmorack in the Public Record Office, London (with thanks to the Kilmorack Heritage Association for drawing my attention to this document, and to Mary MacDonald for help with its transcription).
Pryde, G. S., 1965, The Burghs of Scotland: A Critical List (Glasgow).
RHP1296 1843, Plan of common grazing of Boah as divided between Lord Lovat and the Chisholm.
RHP3608 1860 copy of RHP3650.
RHP3650 1852 original of RHP3608. 'Plan of the Lands of Ardrennich and of Dalnamine Farm situated in the parish of Kiltarlity, 1852'. Both copy and original done by David Gordon. Relating to an excambion between Thos. Alexander Baron Lovat and James Merry Esq. of Belladrum.
RHP3717 'Farms of Wester and Mid Crochills'. No surveyor or date on plan itself, but DLPSRO 3, 73 ascribes it to George Brown, late 18th c.. 51 cm x 40 cm, with much detail and almost every field named.
RHP6586 See Lovat/1757.
RHP11605 1795: 'Plan of intended road from Sheil House on Loch Dowich to Beauly'. Surveyed by George Brown. 5 sheets covering in great detail the route of the road from Loch Duich on the west coast, by Loch Affric and Strathglass to Beauly. Vignette of a bridge and a goat on first sheet (Sheet 1 - Loch Dowich etc.).
RHP11638 'Plan of the Proposed Road from Beauly to Knockfin, From an Accurate Survey taken in August 1807 By Wm. Cuming'.
RHP11642 'Plan of the Road from the New Bridge of Inverness by Bogroy, Lovat Bridge, Beauly etc. to the Confines of Ross shire. Surveyed in August 1814 by Wm. Cuming.'
RHP11963 Copy of Plan of the western portion of the marches between the properties of the Right Hon. Earl of Seafield and the Lord Lovat, being the whole westward from Allt Cuan-a-kiell [OS Pathf. 192 Allt Cath na Cile NH46 33] as settled in 1805.
RHP11964 1852 'Plan of the proposed line of march between the lands of Culnaskiach (sic) and Fanblair, the property of Lord Lovat, and the lands of Glenurquhart, the property of the Earl of Seafield'. Surveyor David Gordon Ex GD.248. Note: this plan is very fragile, and partly illegible.
RHP23986 Dated by West Register House Catalogue card '1828 or after'. Large, bound linen book of estate plans entitled 'Plans of the Estate of Belladrum the property of John Stewart Esq.; Grainger and Miller, surveyors, Edinburgh.
Plan 1 Reduced Plan of the Estate of Belladrum.
Plan 2 Belladrum Mains, Phoinas, Dalnameen.
Plan 3 Culmiln.
Plan 4 Lands of Foxhall and Rievaichkan.
Plan 5 Achviach; Lands of Caplach and Moor Ground.
RHP23994 1856 'Plan of the Low Grounds of the Estate of Guisachan the Property of D. C. Marjoribanks. From a survey in 1856 by Geo. G. Mackay, Inverness.'
RHP23998 Late 18th century. Plan of the lands of Balloan, Carnnapeintarn [OS Pathf. Ladycairn], Inchbain and Reelucas [ = Ruchluchais, for which see Barron 1968, 214. 'In the vicinity of Leitir (OS Pathf. Letter NH56 41), and in English was rendered Relugas.'] + Moss of Caplach. All the above seem to be in the southern part of Kirkhill parish. No surveyor. From GD296.
RHP47075 1787. Draught of ground exchanged between Auchnagairn and Reilick.
Photocopy of original penes Mr M. Fraser of Reelig. Details from electronic catalogue at West Register House.
Roy Map of Scotland produced from the survey overseen by General Roy 1749 - 1755. Black and white copy and coloured slides in NLS Map Library, Edinburgh.
Roy/Slides Colour slides of Roy held at the NLS Map Library, Edinburgh.
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