Dr Kirill Dmitriev – Principal Investigator

Lecturer in Arabic
School of Modern Languages
Buchanan Building
Union Street
St Andrews
KY16 9PH
United Kingdom
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Swithun Crowe – Research Computing Application Developer

As developer for Research computing projects, Swithun works closely with academics on their research projects. These projects are quite varied, and involve processing textual and numeric data, images and metadata.

Swithun uses a number of programming languages daily, e.g. C, Java, Perl, PHP, Python, shell scripts. He is experienced in cross browser web development and has used many XML technologies, such as OWL, RDF, SVG, XForms. He works with many different relational, XML and NoSQL/document databases. Swithun uses many different metdata standards, such as DC, METS, MODS, PREMIS, TEI, VRA etc., and works preferably with open source and non-proprietary software.

Dr Kevin Blankinship

World Languages and Cultures
The University of Utah

Prof Ali Hussein

Department of Arabic Language and Literature
University of Haifa

Rosemary Maxton

School of Modern Languages
University of St Andrews

Dr Nathaniel A. Miller

Leverhulme Early Career Fellow
Department of Middle Eastern Studies
University of Cambridge
Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

Dr Kathrin Müller

Munich, Germany

Dr Francesco Binaghi – Research Fellow (2016)

Dr Andreas Ellwardt – Research Fellow (2015-2018)

Estrella Samba Campos – Research Assistant (2013-2016)

Muhammed Imran Khan – Research Assistant (2013-2016)

David Kiltz – Research Assistant (2012-2016)

Dr Rawand Osman – Research Assistant (2013-2014)

Dr Laura Andreea Sterian – Research Assistant (2013-2016)