The Egbert Psalter

The Egbert Psalter

Date: c. 980

Place of Production: Reichenau

Description: The psalter (a book containing the psalms) was given to Egbert, archbishop of Trier (975-993). It contains a calendar and a psalter. The manuscript holds several full-paged portraits of archbishops of Trier. It was illuminated in Reichenau, one of the most rich and creative centres in the Ottonian realm. In the eleventh century, the manuscript was given to the Polish princess Gertrud, wife to the grand prince of Kiev Iziaslav I (1054-1078). Some additions from that time survive.

Held at: Cividale, Museo Archeologico Nazionale

Accession Number: Cividale, Museo Archeologico Nazionale. Archivi e Biblioteca, 146

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