Coin of Rægnald I

Date: c. 919–21

Place of Production: Northumbria, probably York.

Description: Very few coins survive from the reign of Rægnald I (also known as Ragnall ua Ímair), who ruled York from c. 919–921, when he died. The majority of the Hiberno-Norse ruler’s coins were found in the Bossall hoard of 1807. The coin’s martial imagery includes a bow and arrow and Thor’s hammer. 

Obverse inscription: +RACIIOIT (R form of an upright, three dots and curve) Reverse description: Hammer surmounted by three pellets within an inner circle
Reverse inscription: +RBACIIOIT

Held at: Portable Antiquities Scheme

Accession Number: NLM-F304C3

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