Working Papers and other resources

In addition to the project’s edited volumes 1 and 2, a series of Working Papers is being added to monthly on this website. Workshop and conference proceedings, conference-paper synopses and chapter abstracts are also being published here. Participants are also collaborating to produce an archive of modern scholarship and ancient references, which will support research during the course of the project and be of use to others beyond it.

wider-ranging research project is planned on interactions between literary and less-literary/non-literary spheres of activity (military, administrative, technical, legal, political, economic, religious, and artistic) under Nerva, Trajan and Hadrian. This project, based at the University of St Andrews and directed by Alice König, will not only explore the interface between literature and society across the empire in that period, from a range of angles; it aims also to interrogate some of the methodologies that underpin such a study, and to produce (among other things) a new cultural history of Nervan, Trajanic and Hadrianic times.

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