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Donald Winch is Professor Emeritus of Intellectual History at the University of Sussex and Honorary Professor at the University of St Andrews. The Winch archive covers a remarkably wide area of research in intellectual history from the eighteenth to the twentieth centuries, and encompass the political and economic ideas of a variety of authors in Britain, Europe and North America. The papers have been generously donated by their author.

Concepts, Methods and Values in the Social Sciences
Lectures by Donald Winch for the 'Concepts, Methods and Values in the Social Sciences' course at the University of Sussex.
Major pieces
Conference and seminar presentations, lectures, unpublished essays, and research papers.
Minor pieces
Other writings, including lecture notes and shorter presentations.
The Carlyle Lectures
Texts of six lectures given by Donald Winch at the University of Oxford in 1995 under the general title 'Secret Concatenations: Mandeville to Malthus'. Although they were based on the research that went into a book on Riches and Poverty published in the following year the lectures differ in style and content.